Many of Southern Air RC's members, along with guests from other clubs, displayed their flying abilities at this year's Fun Fly.  Below are a few of our members and guests who entertained us with their aircraft and skills.  These are by no means the only ones deserving of mention, however; I am limited by the photos I have.  If anyone has photographs of the Fun Fly and would like them displayed, please make them available to one of the club's officers.

Spalding Craft

Spalding's flying impressed us all at this year's Fun Fly.  His Cap 232 is only one of a fleet of aircraft he has constructed.  The Cap 232 is powered by a 4 stroke 91 engine and utilizes J.R. radio equipment.  Spalding is a member of the Crystal Coast Flying Club.


Elton Fairless

Elton's Cap 232 sports a whopping 104 in. wingspan and a 3w-100 engine. It was one of the largest aircraft flown at the 99' Fun Fly. Elton thrilled us with his great aerobatic skills.  Elton enters events all over the country and we are very lucky to have a member with his talents. We all wish to be able to fly like Elton!

Mike Halligan

"Doc" Mike Halligan's Bluehawk is powered by a K&B "Screamin 48". The plane is fast & agile.  Doc, an outstanding pilot and a valued club member, dazzled us with his flying at this year's Fun Fly.  In his spare time, Doc just happens to be an Outstanding Heart Surgeon.

Jeff Ashe

Jeff's Bergen Intruder was a change from the usual fixed wing aircraft.   This 60 inch helicopter is a World Class flying model!


Wes Banks

Wes, from the Greenville Flying Pirates, answered questions about his World War One Eindecker.  This Musium Quality aircraft is built to scale and took two years to construct.  The wingspan is 86 inches and weighs in at nine pounds.  It is powered by a SATO 91 engine.